Acupuncture is beneficial for treatment of:

- Acute and chronic pain
- Sports injuries
- Neck issues and headaches
- Lower back pain

How can acupuncture help you?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine, and has been used in China for over three thousand years. With such a rich history, and after being handed down through dozens of generations, acupuncture has stood the test of time like no other practice. Sterile acupuncture is used to encourage self-healing, and provide pain relief.

It has been found that acupuncture is especially useful for musculoskeletal conditions, including muscle and joint problems and headaches. At Acumedics, acupuncture is used to reduce the duration of your recovery process.

Use the experts

The key to finding the right acupuncture therapist lies in finding a practitioner who is able to mix an abundance of knowledge with practical experience.

The team at Acumedics has amassed decades of experience in acupuncture and TCM – from all over the eastern world.