1. Pain Relief
2. Improved metabolism rate
3. Dispels wind and cold
4. Stimulates blood circulation
Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping?

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of complementary medicine therapy in which a practitioner puts special cups (Glass, bamboo, plastic or porcelain) on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. 

This technique has been taken into mainstream medicine in recent times, as countless olympians, professional athletes, and other high performing individuals have started practising cupping to improve their health, performance, and wellbeing.

How cupping works:

Medicinal cupping relies on creating a vacuum seal around the skin. To create that vacuum, traditional cupping professionals typically carefully light the cup with fire using a small amount of alcohol. This fire uses up the oxygen inside the cup, creating the vacuum. After this process happens, the cup is directly put onto the skin while the vacuum is still active – drawing the skin and muscle upward towards the cup. This draws the blood capillaries to the top of the skin, turning the skin red, but also drastically improving blood flow, and reducing muscle tension.

There are two types of cupping:

  1. Dry Cupping – Suction only cupping method
  2. Wet Cupping – Both suction, and controlled medicinal bloodletting. 

Numerous studies paired against the placebo effect suggested that cupping therapy provides a number of healing benefits. Below are the conditions where cupping proves to be effective:

– Lower back pain

– Facial Paralysis

– Cervical spondylosis

– Common cold and cough

– Acne

– Migraines