Mat Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a full body conditioning programme that helps to retrain the body’s normal movement patterns. At Acumedics, we use Polestar Pilates techniques in combination with props & equipment which enables our clients to increase muscle strength, core stability and flexibility in a controlled, pain free way. 

Our Pilates instructors have spent many years training in this discipline, before continuing their practice for years with patients. We will ensure that your personalised programme will meet your goals as quickly as possible. Because of its flexible exertion requirements, pilates is very useful at bridging the gap between having chronic pain, and returning to normal pain free activities, gym workouts and specific sports.

How can Pilates benefit you?

– Better postural stability and movement control

– Improved activation of core stability muscles

– Improved co-ordination and normalised movement patterns

– Flexibility

– Improvement in your own body mechanics and understanding bad movement patterns

– Enhances sports performance

– Flattens the tummy and tones buttocks and thighs

– Allows you to progress to the gym and sporting activities

– Gaining tone and fitness after childbirth