Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Proper sports injury rehabilitation is a complex and important part of any sports person’s road to recovery. For an individual to return to their full potential in their respective sport, much care needs to be taken during the injury recovery phase to prevent lasting damage. At Acumedics, we provide a unique mix of traditional western physio based techniques, mixed with a highly effective range of pilates exercises, and eastern techniques such as acupuncture therapy. We believe that for optimal recovery, it is essential to include the best parts of many disciplines of physiotherapy.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

The key goals of our sports rehabilitation approach include: 

Restoring body functions back to their previous health – ensuring movement, strength, and agility return to a high level again. This is highly important in a sports injury for a successful return to your sport, so we ensure that through stretching, massage, and strengthening exercises, your body will come back stronger than ever. 

Pain reduction is also a key goal for us at The Acumedics, as with proper treatment, we know that pain of any injury can be reduced by a substantial amount. There is no sense in living with excessive pain, and through various movement exercises and specialist care, your injury related pain can be absolutely minimised.

Restoring Proprioception

Another crucial goal during our sports rehabilitation process is the improvement of body proprioception. After an injury, it’s easy to lose sense of movements that were previously conducted without thinking. A task as simple as moving your arm can become impossible to achieve, without looking at it and focusing on its movement – which if you’re trying to play sports, is a massive obstacle.

At The Acumedics, we have many years of experience in kinesthetic recovery, so we can help you through the most effective methods for getting your body’s movement back to second nature.